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This is my first relationship contest and I hope it does very well. This is a Kikyou x Naraku Fanfic contest.

First Place
Site advertised on the index page for a month, Fanfiction displayed on the site, first place award and the option of being hosted by me.

Second Place
Site advertised on the index page for two weeks, Fanfiction displayed on site, and a second place award .

Third Place
Site advertised on the index page for a week and a third place award.

Participation Award.

Kikyou x Naraku have to be the main pairing because this is the Kikyou x Naraku fanfic contest.
No character bashing. If you hate Kagome a lot just leave her out of the fic entirely.
You must put up a link to the contest page on either the main page of your site or a contest joined page.
If you don't have a site, then ignore the previous rule. You can enter without a site.
If you're fic is a chaptered fic you can either use the form or send the chapters to kagome[@] (Take out the brackets).

If you'd like to participate send in the form below. Voting will start after I get at least 6 submissions.

Apply here.

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