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Moment by Moment

Name: Raychel-chan


No one would have guessed, but it was painful.


Having your soul pulled away from you, moment by moment, second by second, feeling by feeling.. It was the most painful thing she had ever felt.

And she had died.

Died so that she could protect her life’s duty, died so that her sister would be looked upon honourable, and died because she was heartbroken, desolate and in complete denial.

She had thought he had betrayed her. She was not one who could trust easily, and the small trust, the love and happiness she had given him was ripped away from her by his so called betrayal. Now.. Now she knew the truth.

And it was too late.

Another moment ebbed away, and she felt like crying.

This wasn’t fair.

If only there were more moments, more feelings, more life within her, then maybe, maybe, she could hold him one last time. Just once - just to let him know that she didn’t hate him, that her heart - as cold and dead as everything thought it was - was his, and always would be.

She loved him! She loved him more than her life, more than her soul, more than her everything, and he was gone. Misplaced trust and denial polluting his heart.

And she couldn’t do a thing.

And now, as she reached out - her hand, merely dust and dirt - shook, wishing to see a flash of red, a swirl of silver, a glint of gold - anything! - just to know he was there.

But he wasn’t.

And Kikyou was broken for the last time.